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You get cotters in your hair! They are knots/tags.
"Bloody hell! Pass me a brush - my hair is full of cotters!"

"My hair is so cottered!"
by Katie Medd June 01, 2007
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The act of attacking one's significant other when in a state of inebriation, and when woken up for snoring; particularly incidents involving said significant other being locked in her own wardrobe.

The act may also include arguing with the significant other's house-mates, to the point of violence. See also: "Becky Big-Chin"
She woke me up for snoring, so I Cottered the bitch. She's still in the fucking wardrobe.
by rajdhani123 January 30, 2011
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(Verb) To take a large extremity, usually a penis, into one's mouth after having it rip apart the asshole.
I met this big dude and cottered his dick. My butthole and mouth are killing me right now.
by bigpappi2000 April 05, 2015
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1. Refering to the back of your hand.
1. Whore 1 - "Come on Baby... I can give you the money in a few days."
Pimp 1 - "Bitch, if you don't give me my damn money now, I'm gonna slap the shit outta you with my cotter!"
by Nephets Nivlag October 21, 2010
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1. A guy with a moustache that likes chocolate milk with vodka.

2. A guy that likes to call you all the time and always knows where you are.

3. Piece of sex.
1. Don: I saw Cotter put chocolate milk into that bottle of Grey Goose..
Bill: Whoa...

2. *Ring* Don: Hello?
Cotter: Are you at Chuck E. Cheese?
Don: Yes...?

3. Girl: Hot damn, Cotter is pure sex, I want that in my bed now!
by KevinBeingKevin September 15, 2008
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