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Costa Mesa or as currently known as "Costa Mexico" or "Costa Manthisplaceisawesome" is a small city outside of Newport Beach. Here is where you get the laid back beach vibes without the snobby attitude. It's where hipsters meet family life as both can coexist in perfect harmony. Also nicknamed the "City of the Arts". You can find funky shops, restaurants, and places for sweet sweet hangs. You funky fresh and can't leave OC ? Move to Costa Mesa.
Ryan is super artsy, so he moved to Costa Mesa to be artsy and drink chai with his artsy friends.
by Sarahlou August 13, 2014
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Sometimes known as "costa misery," this area just north of Newport Beach is home to affluent Orange County residents and is actually quite nice. They are not usually as rich as people in NB, yet the area is quite nice. There are some cool parks in and around the city. It's pretty calm, as well.
by surrealfx June 01, 2006
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we have a new name for costa mesa "condado anaranjado" in state of mexifornia...
Yo dudes, " East of Interstate 5 " Orange county is going to the doggs, Costa mesaians have back to sea, home values going down, Baby boomers moving out ( some are checking out). Another 20 years and costa mesa will slums of long beach....
by itichie_nocanpo September 09, 2006
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