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The definition of rebellion. Does what she wants and dosen't give two shits what you may think or how you may feel about it. Willing to do things that most are scared to try...

At the same time can be the most loving individual on the face of the planet. Will make you laugh, full of interesting will get lost staring into her eyes (which are usually big, bright, and brown) if you stick around long enough. Once she loves's hard for her to let you go.

Cute as pie...but can be a bitch if you cross her...or try to hold any kind of authority over her.

Has a sex drive that can put a man's to shame...her husband or boyfriend may have to turn her away a time or two because she's burned all their energy.

Can cook her ass off....but hates cleaning!
That bitch Cortni gets on my fuckin nerves...can't stop thinkin about her tho...damn!!
by MissCiCi November 24, 2010
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The bombest bitch ever..
shes the shit..
everyone hates on her and wants to be like her..
get on her level
Boy1: you date cortni?
boy2:ya thats wifey rite ther!
by shaybaybeee August 21, 2008
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Pretty much the greatest person ever. Is energetic, loud, and fun to be around. Will never grow up but is about the most mature person you'll ever meet. Has a bagel friend named Tito who is afraid of Godzilla. We run from him. She flys high. No lie. And you know this. BALLINNNNN. : Now go be jealous.
If you were to look up the word "amazing" in the dictionary, there would be a picture of Cortni right next to Karen.
by Cortni December 23, 2006
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a girl that does what she wants when she want and then when get in trouble has the dumbest excuses, but she can be a really good friend , and can only hold her tongue for so long until she burst she's a very pretty girl somewhat popular but talks so much she also HATES cleaning . she also has her way to get what she want's it may not be right but it works . cortni is very fun to be around though
you know that cortni girl ?
yea she talks so much .
i know but shes funny !!!
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