1. A type of person who's athletic, charming, and everyone loves. A great person who's impact is never negative and makes. people around them feel better.

2. A person that doesn't eat healthy and eats too many fats, sugars, junk, etc.
1. Kyle has been such a Cortese lately.

2. Tim needs to work on his eating habits and top being a Cortese.
by Dr. Matteo Kornqvist September 18, 2017
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Being pushed to your limits and a bit further

(a pleasant ass-kicking, if you will)...
Have you been Cortesed lately?
by Party Force March 2, 2016
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Talia is the biggest clown ever. Shes nice but a CLOWN. She also has a peen. A BIG peen.
Boy#1: That girl Talia Cortese is lowkey hot
Boy#2: yea but she has a peen.
Boy#3; Its bigger than all of ours combined!
by taltaltal October 24, 2019
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Burning ships = fuck going home ; no bed, no sleep
Friend: Hey man, where you staying tonight?
You: I’m cortesing it

Friend: Until your flight in the morning?
You: Fuck yes
by Everyman September 23, 2020
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