5 definitions by Everyman

Some place at the mall
Oh you went to La Vida Cantina? That place at the mall??”
by Everyman July 6, 2021
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to deceive, swindle, trick or maneuver someone into doing something with no plan or intent for any equal or unequal reciprocation.
You better not lebod me if I pay for your cover charge tonight.

That guy leboded me out of 6 beers last night.

That guy leboded me when the dinner check came to the table.
by Everyman February 14, 2012
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The loudest of all farts.
Damn man, my dad heard that scrotam all the way from the basement....good one...holy shit you stink.
by Everyman November 8, 2002
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What happens to the human body when a high explosive device detonates within proximity.
Roger that Captain, target in sight.............................................SPPUTHH!
by Everyman November 8, 2002
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Burning ships = fuck going home ; no bed, no sleep
Friend: Hey man, where you staying tonight?
You: I’m cortesing it

Friend: Until your flight in the morning?
You: Fuck yes
by Everyman September 23, 2020
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