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When you stick pieces of corn on your penis so that it resembles a corn on the cob then get your other half to eat it off while giving you oral.
Kym came over and gave me a fucking brilliant corn on the knob! She didn't miss one kernel!
by Roomy1985 October 20, 2014
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After a session of anal sex, the penis is removed from the anal cavity to reveal a peice of shit on it. In witnessing this the man pukes on the girls back and her thinking he just came begins to rub 'his hot man juice' all over her body.
Jonny and his girl had corn on the knob last night
by G-maximus October 03, 2003
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A twist on the Cleveland Steamer, whereby one person eats a bunch of corn, then takes a dump on another person's penis (aka their "knob") and the corn is visible in the feces.
Guy 1: Yeah man, I did a Corn on the Knob to Gary last night.

Guy 2: Awesome!
by Nuggette January 10, 2018
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