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Non Useful Groups of Society or Savages - The group of misfits of society such as the patrons of a particular super store, bowling alley, skating rink or any where a group of nonessential people entertain themselves, and cannot add anything to the human race or create a better gene pool.
Did you see all of those NUGS at the skating rink?

Where did all of those NUGS, come from?
by NUGGETTE February 11, 2014

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to be cracked out or to act in a cracked out way, including by scaring others; being generally grimy and gross
Nikki: It's crill that you're rocking back and forth, holding yourself, while slumped on the sidewalk here in public, Melissa.
Melissa: That's because I'm crill.
by Nuggette November 09, 2008

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A twist on the Cleveland Steamer, whereby one person eats a bunch of corn, then takes a dump on another person's penis (aka their "knob") and the corn is visible in the feces.
Guy 1: Yeah man, I did a Corn on the Knob to Gary last night.

Guy 2: Awesome!
by Nuggette January 10, 2018

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