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A Tennese Back woods, cave dwelling, inbreed Thats addicted to anything corn or porn. A real bug eyed, bat nose, freak.
They like to play with there poo and never leave there caves. Corn monkeys do not need a mate to breed, there unisex. Soapy water makes them multiply so avoid baths. When traveling in corn monkey terrtiory make sure to keep ur things locked up or they will steal you blind and use your pets for sex toys.
by Skillz-911 November 20, 2016
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A monkey in the phillipines that is fond of eating corn. The locals catch them by putting nuts in coconuts and the monkeys get their hands stuck. The locals can then catch them.
'hey we caught some more corn monkeys'
by Ssammule August 09, 2006
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A monkey, native to Hawaii, that swims to California annually. From there it goes to Nebraska, steals all the corn and goes back to Hawaii. Despite this, it is not a pest because they travel in thousands and there feet help loosen the soil.
Did you see the migrating corn monkeys last night?
by ParrotCat July 09, 2010
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a monkey that has snuck its way into Canada via corn hopper rail car. It lives in the newly created "ethanol factory" eco system and is constantly disrupting production
That cornmonkey should not be living here, how did it get from mexico to Canada
by CornMonkey August 29, 2008
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A Nebraska sports fan that is obsessed with either University of Nebraska sports or the College Baseball World Series. They often take being a Husker fan to the extreame by wearing corn hats and constantly talking about why Nebraska is better then other teams. They are frequently in denial about the state of Nebraska's football team. They may also adopt a random team for the College Baseball World Series in Omaha. They feel that Texans are an inferior race and that the Big 12 should be abolished.
Two corn monkeys sat behind me at last nights football game and talked the entire time about how Nebraska doesn't get enough respect in the Big 12.
by Glenden June 13, 2010
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