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A mischievous clairvoyant who possesses the uncanny ability to accurately predict the fortunes, but more often the demise, of those around him. When questioned, the person, Appealing to genetic phenomena, claims to have no foreknowledge of how he's come to contain such abilities. But due to his strive to keep his "gift" a secret, and his certainty that you'll believe him, this is most likely a lie. The person always features a well-defined jawline, not to mention the appearance as though they had recently been involved in the recreational use of marijuana.
Person A: "Dude, I wonder if coach is going to start me on Saturday.."

Person B: "Just ask Corman, he obviously knows.

Person A: "How did Corman get so muscular?"

Person B: "Ha, he told me you'd ask me that."

Person A: "Check out the girl in the corner, she's pretty hot"

Person B: "Little do you know, Corman told me that she's going to have sex with Matty before Tyler eats her to be Tyler."
by VampireWilly69 October 28, 2010
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A person who is a compulsive liar and other people know they're lying, but that same person keeps on lying about everything.
"I've got a flamethrower in my house"
*Goes round house and no flamethrower*
*Next time...*
"The flamethrower's part of the security system"
*Thinking*"Where is this flamethrower? You're such a corman"
by 7Mona7 April 27, 2010
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