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N. A sexual hand gesture similar to fingering, the shocker, fisting, the whacker, etc. This term could be separated into two groups: the doing and the signal.
Doing: You begin by taking your hand and crossing your index and pointer finger. This is the simple corkscrew. For added pleasure you can do the "West Side" hand gesture and cross your middle and ring finger forming a corkscrew. The corkscrew can also be combined to perform the juice-producing shocker-corkscrew combo. To do this move, you insert your "corkscrew" finger combo into a female's vaginal opening and butt. This can work for gay's too, but me not being gay, I do not know any other way it can pleasure a gay man other than the butt hole. As you insert the corkscrew into a women's many openings, you move your corkscrew as if you were unscrewing a wine bottle, or screwing a screw into a piece of wood.
Signal: This could be used as a means of communication to other males, to communicate to them that a smoking hot broad is approaching, or that a certain women's outfit, or sexual movements has created stimulation in your penis. This is similar to the whacker and finger in the hole signal.

V. to corkscrew, either slowly, forcefully,or beautifully
Hey man, last night i corkscrewed this tight bitch!

Dude, check out that slut in the skimpy outfit. (the girl is so hot you pop instantly in your trousers)
you:(signaling using corkscrew)
friends: Man your so cool
hot girl: hey i like the way you corkscrew, wanna show me more.
Result: You just scored major pussy!
by Super Soaker Ruiz November 15, 2010
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by urbansammy January 20, 2017
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When a male crosses his fingers and shoves them into a female's vagina for sexual pleasure.
"Jim crossed his fingers for good luck before shoving them into Jane's warm, sweet Vagina to cork screw her"
by Neoni June 02, 2006
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a sexual position. It is when the male lays flat on his back with his erection standing straight up, while the female has her vagina on top of his erected penis and spins 360 on his erection. Then the female pops off the males erection quickly (as if she were a corkscrew top) and the male cums everywhere (like the foam coming out of the cork bottle). Ergo, this is the "corkscrewing" action is occurring.
Chuck: "Dude, me and my lady corkscrewed so fast lastnight,
my dick exploded."
Phil: "Aw man, I hate when that happens."
by penelope taint September 24, 2011
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A vaguely sexual maneuver in which 2 (or more?) dudes in DayZ align their bodies and synchronize roll.
That DayZ streaming video took a turn for the perverse when Deagen and Phy started corkscrewing like crazy.
by Bromacho August 22, 2012
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The act of fingering a random person's anus in a rotational motion imitating Mr. Schachter opening a bottle of mead.
Mr. Schachter: How was the sex?

Trevor: I opened a bottle of mead, poured it into her nipples, ate her nipples, then corkscrewed her ass.
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by One-Pump-Shotgun March 13, 2017
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A variation of the shocker , except you cross your middle and index fingers and insert them into the vagina while inserting the pinky into the anus
my girl was tired of the old shocker so i decided she was ready for the corkscrew.
by j-dubbs March 10, 2006
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