using a foreign object (such as a pair of socks, cucumber, pickle, etc.) inside your pants as a means to make females think you have a big schlong. refers to baseball; when using a bat that has been "corked" the ball is hit harder and farther, but you can't tell the bat is "corked" unless it breaks (i.e a girl pulls down your pants.). when that happens you look pathetic
College Guy 1: I'm going to an awesome party tonight, there's gonna be hot chicks everywhere!

College Guy 2: I heard you had a "problem." You should try corking the bat to make the chicks think youre huge. Just don't get with them tonight, just get them numbers!
by phenomenalphalanx February 19, 2011
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dildo insertion into the head of the penis well into the urethra (utilizing a pumping action) for the purpose of sexual gratification.
man, that carzy chick corked my bat something fierce. I cannot urinate with ease at the moment.
by david baas June 24, 2003
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When someone tells you that a corked bat is a euphemism for an erect penis, you say, "no, it is not". After this you meant to tell your cousin something but I forgot what it was. Right. You know how baseball gets. No large bats/vampires.
Corked Bat doesn't mean anything like a penis
by dragonimpaler100 April 24, 2019
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An erection made hard with the help of Viagra. You can be drunk and full of pills and still fuck if you are swingib with a corked bat
I was fucked up drunk and on percocets but I could still lay pipe cause I was swinging with a corked bat.
by Jacky Treehorn June 16, 2003
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1. Popping a Cialis or Viagra before sex to get the competitive edge of a superhuman unconquerable shaft.
Friend 1- I heard you're gonna lay it down with that Sabina chick tonight, I heard she is insatiable...have you thought about corking the bat?
Friend 2- I don't know, isn't that cheating?
Friend 1- You think you and your dick are better than Barry Bonds? better cork that shit.
by Professor T. Bigglesworth November 17, 2020
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