Thigh Haematoma.
Cork thighs are common injuries in Australian Rules Football but usually are not serious. Occasionally, bleeding in the thigh can be severe.
Cork injuries can be deliberately inflicted by a swift blow to the thigh by a knee or punch.
For example, the Sydney Swans coach Paul Roos suffered a cork thigh during his career that required surgery to stop bleeding from deep arteries in his thigh. He was forced to wear a thigh pad to protect this region for the last few years of his career.
by xxblakbird November 23, 2007
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verb: A slang term for expelling male ejaculate. To explosively shoot one's nut inside of or on to someone else.
"I had my girl friend bent over the table and right as she came, I pulled her hair back and popped my cork in her ass. It was beautiful."
by verticaver April 22, 2009
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sticking one of your fingers (or many) up a persons butthole through their clothing (thumb is also and option) while yelling cork at the top of your lungs
*stick finger up butt and....* CORK!!
by Lauryn July 10, 2003
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To claim NOT to do something.

Antonym: Dibs
(bird takes a crap on car winshield)
(calling not to wash it)
by AaronCameron September 10, 2008
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(verb) To contain a ten-gallon batch of pubic hair by placing over it a ten-gallon hat. Often done in self-defense. Also corked, corking.
Madam, would you kindly cork your muff? I find it rather aesthetically displeasing.
by himguy November 08, 2006
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