The Ancient Egyptian god of Destiny, the embodiment of total darkness He is also a god of war, sand, storms, and flames. As the god of sand he can never damaged. He also causes sandstorms which bring him into conflict with the fertility god Slifer. The two are adversaries and in the Slifer myths, Cordero controls everyone destiny and believes that everything that happens in the future. Cordero belongs to the Society of Destiny and is the son of Gale and Hades He is the brother of Ra, Obelisk, Slifer,a nd Diabound who is sometimes given as his consort, although Cordero is more evil commonly associated with the foreign, Semitic goddesses Astarte and Anat. During the 3rd millenium BCE Cordero replaced Nephthys as the tutelary deity of the pharaohs, but the story of Slifer murder gained currency and Nephthys was restored to his original status.
He controls everyone Destiny. And belives this saying "You can't hide from Destiny!!!!" Cordero controls ur faith and destiny
by Cordero Destiny Spencer September 2, 2006
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Leader of the KKK
If found, please contact 905-432-1253
Also known as "Potato"

Be careful in his presence. very "homosexual"
Just had my daily Justin Cordero
by awesomechickentv February 10, 2014
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Diego is a great, honest guy. Some even say that Honest Abe coined his nickname after Diego, as Honest Diego. Diego tells it not just how he sees it, but how it IS. He's seen by his friends as never having lied before in his life, a feat that not many can claim. Diego has many stories, and has been through it all. With having a dad who takes selfies with burning houses, who has also been on government-ops, to being an EMS and resuscitating somebody back to life, to meeting random girls in Florida and being so attractive that the girls are willing to sleep with him on the first date, Diego has done it all. Although Diego is a respectful team player on his end, your significant other is never loyal when around him. Locals will say that their marriages have fallen apart due to their wives wanting to be added to Diego's over-so-growing body count.
It has been cited that the Boy Scouts of America honor Diego, paying homage to him by citing their Scout's Code after him (A scout will be trustworthy, loyal, helpful, courteous, kind, etc.). Many believe this was due to Diego having national coverage of him walking an old lady across the street, then suplexing her upon arrival. Diego also treats his significant others with the most kindness, loyalty, and trust.
Diego once landed a job working retail simply because he is not a pussy, an accomplishment many desire.
My son just graduated as a Diego Scout- I mean Eagle Scout.
That boy is so trustworthy, he must hang around Diego Cordero.
I need a heart surgeon, I need a Diego.
by Paul Wenis July 11, 2023
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The welder, Also the sexiest motherfucker alive spends most of his time welding and working out.

Exsample -
son :" Hey mom i sore from doing pushups."
mom: " At this rate you gonna become a carlos cordero!"
guy1 : "Have you seen Carlos Cordero?"
guy2 : " Your talking about the welder right?"

guy2 : " No, i havent seen him"

guy 1: " His provably at the gym."
by K94105 November 15, 2016
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chody has the sweatiest little palms know to mankind. he is know to tell the most gregarious lies and constantly caps about the women hes been with. he stands an impressive 5'2 and weighs approximately 290 pounds. he loves the fine delicious vapors of a box mod vape paired with a coke and a double quarter pounder with bacon and cheese. he usually is playing fortnite or being a complete hero as he is also a emt, fire fighter and a member of a secret organization which he loves to brag about. he loves to travel to Florida and go to girls houses houses where he promptly daps up their dad before smashing them while their parents listen. he lasts for hours at a time and is know as the doctor of love. he is also know as being the biggest badass in the world and can do anything even if it is not humanely possible. as long as no one is watching. he even once choke slammed a patient at the hospital he works at. he is the greatest human to ever live and a textbook definition of a real man. he also has a pokemon created after him. chodimon the sweaty hands pokemon. he also can mimic any singers voice as according to an eyewitness, his mother. both of his parents are scared to death of him and regularly let him use their bed for premarital fornication, while they listen to his boarish grunts in awe.

other aliases : diego lamb or chody lamb
that guy is such a badass... must be chody cordero
ooooh no way he just fucked my daughter.... that damn chody cordero
what a amazing singer... must be chody cordero
by parker douglas February 23, 2022
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Michael Cordero Vlogs is notoriously known for his Eurovision reactions. He has done vlogs in the past and not to mention vlogs as well.
by ReactionMan04 April 20, 2020
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Is a Venezuelan animal activist and philanthropist, known for his work of rescuing animals in abandonment, captivity and animal abuse.

became a social activist in early 2014 during the time when Venezuela was going through a political crisis. He started a movement to spread awareness on animal mistreatment.

Under the campaign #NoalosZoologicosyCircos (No zoos and circuses), he is involved in helping defend and protect animals from non-domesticated captivity such as: zoos; circuses and aquariums.

gained fame and recognition through YouTube where he appeared in a viral video called, “Observe Chair” which collected over 10 million views.
Oh my god is that Jose Rafael Cordero Sanchez
by apolo13 May 8, 2017
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