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1.Town in Suffolk County, Longisland NY

2.Druggie central
Im gonna drive out to coram to pick up.
by MattttB October 14, 2009
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A town on Long Island that I used to live next to. It like....goes in fucking ABC order and people sometimes call whatever part of the town that they reside in the "W" or watever other sections start with letters. All I know is some hot kid lives there, and driving all the way down 347 is a fucking bitch when all you can see is fog 3 feet ahead of you. oh and, movie land is universal and known to every Coram resident. and SUPPOSEDLY so is burger king....
I stay awake all night and wondered if the majority of Coram was black.....
by theONEx3 October 25, 2009
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Town in northern Suffolk County, Long Island - approximately 1 hour east of Manhattan and 1 hour west of Montauk.

Many of the residents of Coram grow up to become successful doctors, lawyers, politicians and entrepreneurs. Coram is part of the Longwood School District, renowned for having the finest professors and literary scholars on its staff.

Coram kids are considered snobbish by nature, for having grown up with immense wealth and enormous opportunities handed to them.
I was in Coram last night and seen 2 kids with Ferraris - i'm sure their dads paid for them. They had Yale stickers on the windows so they're probably Ivy League kids.

Those Coram kids spend 50 grand on smack and then they go to St. Tropez for the summer to party.
by RONNY SIGNATURE June 25, 2010
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