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A female law officer who turns tricks. A "cop-hooker."
"That Rikers copstitute was fine, but she wanted $500. That's a fortune in the slammer."
by TheKnightWhoSaidIckyIcky March 15, 2015
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A female who enjoys throwing themselves at police officers (regardless of looks,age, number of children, marital status or rank) much like a rock band groupie.
A young attractive female dates a police officer 30 years older who has had multiple heart attacks, a few divorces, several children, grandchildren and is not attractive. Hence she is a copstitute.
by JoeyAsbestos November 06, 2007
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An officer of the law, esp. in a video game, who aggressively pursues the player in order to disrupt him. Copstitute AI is often designed to give NPCs an advantage.
That *&(^ing copstitute forced my car into the wall a half mile from the finish!
by Hesh December 05, 2005
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