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The tan line caused by wearing sunglasses. The sun tans or burns your face but the area around your eyes are protected by the sunglasses. When you remove the sunglasses you are left with pale eyes and a burned face. Much resembling the way a raccoons face looks.
Man, I should probably take off my shades before I get coon eyes.
by Marshll47 June 02, 2018
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red watery eyes you get after being high and smoking as much weed as a coon would before a rap video
chris: man i just smoked so much weed.
paul: i can tell, you got coon eyes
by alex Vuts November 07, 2008
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The Coon Eyes is a sexual act that can be done in two ways, depending on race. The first envolves a black woman. The black woman must be wearing glasses at the point of the male ejaculation. The man then gives the black woman a complete facial, completly covering all of her face. After this is done the black woman then takes of her glasses, exposing her eyes which would have been blocked from the semen hence giving her the appearence of a racoon with dark eyes. The next way is with a white woman, but requires totally different procedures. This time the male does not have to give the female a complete facial, and the female does not have to wear glasses. This time the white female must wear a ski-mask, and the male must then provide his bowel movements(shit), and he must provide this all over her face. After this is done the white woman then removes the ski-mask, leaving her eyes filled with shit, hence giving her the appearence of a racoon.
This white girl was getting on my nerves after I got done fucking her, so I left that bitch laying their confused after I gave her the Coon Eyes!
by Marcus Anthony Smith October 03, 2007
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