Slang in Mendota Illinois for "Vagina".
Hey brittany fix your skirt I can see your cooka.
by Guitarlife17 October 30, 2010
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An individual that has something wrong with them, that is generally on drugs.
A person who appears to be on drugs walks past

Brandon to his girlfriend: That guy 's a f***en cooka!
by c_makaveli March 16, 2017
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cuca, cooca, cooka however you wanna spell it, Cooka is another word for a woman's vagina.
Me: What did you and your gf do last night?
Friend: She let me eat her cooka, it was awesome
by the_cuca_eater January 8, 2011
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shortened nickname for the word cookie, wherein cookie is also used as a nickname.
jeffrey's nickname is cookie, but i prefer to call him cooka.
by widowerzsabet November 28, 2006
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A Juice Commonly Sold At Bob Evan's In Ohio .
Mrs . Bell Is A Huge Fan Of Pink Cooka Juice .
The Name Pink Cooka Juice Comes From A Very Pink Vagina That Tends To Be Juicy & Spews Out A Pink Liquid .
Hey Guys Mrs Bell Just Went To Bob Evans & Got Some African American's & Pink Cooka Juice !
by Tyrinoid23 July 19, 2011
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New name for my girlfriend Damicka
Hey cooka I’m finna come slide tn😉
by Laflare1017 February 19, 2022
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New term for my girl

friend Damicka’s nickname
Hey cooka wya im finna scoop you to get ice cream
by Laflare1017 February 19, 2022
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