Cony is a beautiful name, only few have. A cony is one of the smartest girls you know, they like to play games, and they love food! Like a lot. Cony is usually a thicc girl with a really sassy personality.
One example of the name, cony is, “Damn, look at Cony, she is so thicc!”
by Daddy_cookies March 10, 2019
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A submissive breedable raindeer who has a large inheritance but denies it. Always the receiver in the relationship. prefers the backdoor VIP entrance but contracts STDs quicker than ever. A weak individual who is exploited for his wealth and very much opposite of the life of the party. Career average of 1 turnover, 1 free throws per game and 6 fouls a game.
Guy 1: I think i am going to leave

Guy 2: Don't be a cony man
by Amy.Smith September 03, 2021
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Generally a person with a high level of intelligence and sass that ends up screwing themselves over.
being such a cony towards the teacher probably won't help your grades
by Bob confidant. June 24, 2015
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A toupé worn by people with a lack of hair to cover up them being folically challenged
Is that a Cony he's wearing?
by Mi_key November 02, 2006
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A very lovely girl who make everyone stop and stare at her because she's flawless and you're not.

Also, she's pretty, smart and nice.
Sometimes, her perfection makes some people feel envy, but is not her fault being perfect in everything.

In some countries is a short name for Constanza.
Did you see Coni? She looks great, as always.
by picturetoburn13 August 21, 2012
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A generally naive, unsophisticated person. Someone easily robbed or conned out of money. A victim of cony-catchers.
Look at that cony, he looks like he just got of the bus from Nowhere, he'll be conned out of his shirt and shoes by the end of the day...
by Erin Montgomery May 01, 2010
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V. The process of deleting statuses, comments, or wall posts on Facebook to hide anything that may make you look bad
You better Coni that shit before you get P-Messed.
by P-Me$$ July 12, 2009
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