3 definitions by Bob confidant.

Short for femoid, of incelian language, which is a made-up word for female to further dehumanise women.
"Did you hear Bob the incel called the substitute teacher a 'moid'?"
by Bob confidant. July 21, 2019
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Generally a person with a high level of intelligence and sass that ends up screwing themselves over.
being such a cony towards the teacher probably won't help your grades
by Bob confidant. June 24, 2015
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1) for a girl to text you and to seem interested over text, to only let you down in real life

2) when you lead a guy on from text but ignore him or reject him in real life
Louise: Jeez, did you hear how SImon got Robert'd

Chealsy: I saw screenshots of the text messages. What a bitch for leading him on.
by Bob confidant. December 28, 2016
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