The Science and Pseudoscience of Contrails and Chemtrails.
I saw the coolest thing written in contrails one day, the realized I always wanted to write notes in the sky for fun like:

Suck my egg

Bitches were created by a dick with a trick;)

He touched my feathered self

She took a dump for all to see

Hearts are for hopeless sissy's

Get some, then give some more

Balder men dash to corvets

Did you just look at my T&A

My wide load gets you high

Reality is for suckers and fuckers

Skit happens

Your anal retention has no bounds. How do you hold all that shit inside?

Can I put your man in a dress and call him suzie Q, with an eye for my pooh!

Adam said, "Baby you take the first bite, " as he thought to himself, if thiers any bugs in that she'll choke on it first
by ...& justic for All June 13, 2010
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The visible portion of a fart trail, usually seen on a cold day.
I turned the corner and ran into Tom's fart contrail, which made my eyes water. It was horrible.
by Dave Ku May 15, 2008
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Also, weed contrail. The odiferous trail left behind an automobile in which significant amounts of smoked marijuana is being consumed.

From weed, slang for marijuana, and contrail, the condensation trail left behind by a jet airplane at high altitude. see also the conspiracy theorist's variant weed chemtrail.
The crew in that car must be very high - it's leaving behind a weed contrail.
by x Chicagoan April 21, 2017
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