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1. Constipulated is the state of being one finds themselves in when totally constipated, and stimulated by the experience of sitting on the thinking throne. A state of over stimulated thinking induced by constipation.Due to the long period's of time spent in deep thought tends to drop the thinker into almost comatose states of thought, leading to the inevitable Constipulation.

2.Another state of mind induced by an opposite cause that although much different inspires the same results, just opposite This effect comes from over sensitizing the head of a male's phalic organ (Also known as the penis). When Over stimulated it throws the males pshyce into a panicked state and under thought occurs, the brain's both literally shutdown. Over stimulation inducing Constipation of the mind. Luckily the effects are rather short lived as the imminent ejaculation is often enough to cause the deep sleep necesssary to "Reset" The males heads, and resync both brain's intertwined dependency issue's.
1. "Man I was like constipulated. I must have sat there thinking all day, I had to shit so bad..."

2. "I couldn't think I had to cum so bad, like friggin constipulated man. She was really teasin...then the last thing I remember I came so hard she choked and then I was unconcious, don't remember a thing before this morning when I woke."
by TheUrbanMyth March 30, 2008
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