A conspirologist is a truthsayer or a whistleblower. An amateur or professional investigator who are dedicated to studying and solving conspiracies, which is based on rational detection and deduction of facts, using logic supported by scientific knowledge that allows to expose the truth or reaching consensus.

Conspirologists never attribute to stupidity that which is adequately explained by malice, which is a start for research of the truth. When conspirologists have eliminated all the impossible, whatever remains, however even if implausible must be the truth.
A conspirologist studies, detects, solves and exposes conspiracies.
by Ubermesch December 9, 2016
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Conspirologists must be able to study and categorize, detect, contain, reverse, eliminate and prevent conspiracies of any kind by patterns of stages, like causes, beginning, development, resolution, completion, effects and side-effects.
A conspirologist is able to detect, deduct and expose conspiracies by providing diagnosis and prognosis.
by Ubermesch September 26, 2017
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A person who lives in the wilderness and avoids social interaction due to fear of the government and paranoia.
"Hey, have you seen Kevin around lately?" "No, he became a conspirologist. Last I heard he was spotted somewhere in Yellowstone."
by ENGL1020 September 4, 2013
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