A song made my the god himself.. ✨ZAYN
Did you hear about the song connexion?

Yeah who’s it by?

The sexiest man himself Zayn Malik
by Mayfl0wer1d April 24, 2021
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An alternative way to spell connection, rarely seen today.
by penis baby 👶 🍼 has November 16, 2020
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A gay bar in boonton new jersey. 18 to party, 21 to drink, they hold movie nights, mrs connexions pagents and of course, friday night hot dance partys.
"dude my ass hurts so bad this morning"

"well you shouldnt have drank so much and gone home with that sailor from connexions"
by skittles April 6, 2005
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Contemporary medical examinations on the Ripper's canonical victims reported that there was no evidence of "recent connexion".
by Shere-khan November 15, 2007
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one of the fictional terrorist groups in counter strike.
“This is easy! We kill them and then we go home!”
Phoenix Connexion
quote from cs:go wiki
by henry999 April 15, 2016
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The Pouchon ConneXion (PC) is a gang created in 2005 in Montréal North's ghetto. Them members are crazy.
Rich Boy
Crazy Lebz


This Gang is Takin Over New York City...
-Wow c'est les gars de la Pouchon ConneXion!
-MoMo est tellement beau!
-P What ?
-Mo 2 ...
-Flo t degeulass
-Ohh! Pure C
-Same Old Same Old ! ! ! ! Ft Pc
-Miami 305 Pc ...
-Dali Wagwan
-Les HP ( Homme Parfait )
-Magnum Trojan ! ! ! ! Maxxx is Pc
-Pouchon ConneXion
-Ran Poum PC
-Flow Motion - PC ft Bone Thugz
-J.I.M.M.Y (Jah Is Mo Mo Yaw)
by New York Violence Help May 6, 2007
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