Connell is someone who is very friendly, inclusive and outgoing. He’s a hard worker and once he puts his mind to it, he can and will do anything. Hes a bit of a nerd but girls dig it. He’s a mamas boy and would be a great dad (or daddy 😏). He struggles with being happy though because he Normally takes on the stress of others. But overall an amazing guy who you should consider yourself lucky if you are friends, or more!!
You’re dating Connell?! Lucky
by Chickencoop August 7, 2021
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A top bloke who everyone wants to talk to and share their problems with. Easy going and always positive and laughing. Girls swoon for him and think he is extremely cute!
He is such a connell!
Look at that connell.
by Four Seasons October 5, 2012
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A term given to Adults over the age of 18 who supply underaged youths alcohol
Son: "Aye Dad, can you be our connell and buy us some booze for James's 18th?"



Dude two:*Convulsing* "Connell is coming, connell is coming"
by whippy101 February 2, 2008
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Chill dude, does his own thing and that's why people love him, mysterious but more similar to you than you think.
Normally is addicted to porn or binge watching YouTube.

Always too scared to actually do anything with a girl, but them girls want it.
'Sheesh, Connell, what an underated guy'
by Red light means GO April 29, 2018
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A fat cunt who doesn’t deserve a place in this world, usually ginger, most Connells have a mum who likes to drink fosters also smells
That fat bastard looks abit like connell
by Julie fisher May 21, 2020
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To not go to any presentations when at a work conference.
Hey dude, I'm gonna Connel today and go to the pub instead.
by Bowlofdix February 27, 2017
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Being unable to come to a decision on a purchase and constantly seeking advice from others to the extent of being extremely annoying. Then, going in the opposite direction of that advice.
Mark - "I'm thinking of getting a new iPod. I can't decide between the iPod Touch or the 80GB"
Friend - "You should get the touch"
Mark - "But what if I bump it at the gym while working out"
Friend - "Then get the 80GB"
Mark - "But I don't have that many songs to fill it up"
Friend - "I think you should still get the iPod Touch"
Mark - "I think I'll get the Zune"
Friend - "Ugh! Quit connelling!"
by Rochester June 19, 2008
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