Conn means someone is a bad ass. A Conn is always the life of a party, they also will not back down from a fight, and if you fight one you fight them all!
See that dude? He is a Conn dont fuck with him.
by KillerCobra February 3, 2010
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French slang.can be used as an insult but also just in normal talk but only for females.
normal talk:idiot

Masculin is con
not offensive:je suis conne!! - Im so stupid!
elles sont vraiment des connes- they really are dim/bitches
by lucky05 January 25, 2005
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A feminine word the french use meaning "Bitch" or "Idiot".
"You're such a (doesn't feel confortable saying "Bitch") conne, get outta the car" *Kicks girlfriend out of car*

'You asshole!!!'

"Yeah fuck you conne. Have fun with Rick" *Drives off*
by Young FEDZ November 3, 2009
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Used as both a verb and a noun, and generally referring to the operation of a vessel.
V: He was heading out of New London, conning the submarine down the line of navigation buoys.

N: He was on the bridge, and had been told by the Captain that he had the conn.
by Lawman October 17, 2003
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(noun): Mark Conn}: a narcissistic fraudulent person who seeks out generous people as an easy mark and will con and deceive them out of their money, love, time and attention. They leave their victims flabbergasted, broken and broke and give no fucks about their unethical asshole behavior. Mark Conns tend to heavily drink whiskey and play poker until their house is foreclosed.
Synonyms: swindler, grifter, drifter, loser, hater, bully, cheater, hustler, con-man, credit hacker

(verb): to get Mark Conn'd}.: When an innocent person is seen as mark or easy target and then they are conned, played and deceived via romance, charm or pity for their own pathetic lives into getting all the innocent person's money, love, time and attention. Fraud.
Present Tense: Mark Conn, Mark Conning; Past Tense: Mark Conn'd

(adjective): Mark Connish}: When some asshole you meet shows Mark Conn} prey-like behaviors or traits and you are afraid of getting swindled and conned.
Example Mark Conn Noun: "Did you hear about Mark Conn? He totally took that lady for all she was worth! What a dick."
Example Mark Conn'd Verb: "OMG that guy took your ass for a ride and took all your money and time. Yo, you got Mark Conn'd!"
Example Mark Connish Adjective: "I got a bad feeling about your new boyfriend. I think he's Mark Connish and will steal and play you. I think you should call the 5-0 and block his number."
by rancod22 August 16, 2017
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The Conn Smythe Trophy is an annual award given to the most valuable player for his team in the playoffs. The winner is selected by the Professional Hockey Writers' Association at the conclusion of the final game in the Stanley Cup finals.

The Smythe Trophy was presented by Maple Leaf Gardens Limited in 1964 to honor Conn Smythe, the former coach, manager, president and owner-governor of the Toronto Maple Leafs.
Brad Richards won the Conn Smythe in 2004.
by cardinal_fan October 21, 2004
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