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The most badass, hardcore, motherfucking squirrel you'll ever know. He drinks. He urinates. He vomits. He's everything you'd ever want in a mammal.
My name is Conker. Insert movie parody here.
by Paul Newman February 08, 2004
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a game played in British schools.
Horse chestnuts hung on a shoe lace, both kids take turns to hit each others conkers until they smash.
Sounds a pile of shit but it was good at the time.
I've got a ten time winning conker
by xxx April 23, 2003
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A British term for the fruit/seed of a horse chestnut tree. Commonly called a chestnut.

Can also refer to the game called 'conkers' played using the chestnuts in which two opponents attempt to shatter the other's conker. The conkers are both suspended on a length of string and the players take turns to swing at the other's. The player with the conker last remaining on its string is the winner.
Young Boy 1: "Ouch man, you hit my finger!"
Young Boy 2: "Well that's the inherent risk of playing conkers my friend. You know what you signed up for!"
by ph4sma September 14, 2011
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Short for Conker's Bad Fur Day, one of the best video games for the nintendo 64. It has a great 1 player mode and tons of 2 player minigames such as War, Deathmatch, Beach, Colors, etc. Tons of fun with 4 people, invite your friends over!
"I'm going to play some Conker's. Wanna come?"
by KaiserMonkey September 14, 2003
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