Conga can be defined as a male body part or female body part. Somewhat like “Shinty”.
You: Heyyy Om loves that conga, the long one!!
Om: ummm. Maybe?
by CarzyEight March 24, 2019
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....A yell meant to congratulate someone...on a broken toe nail or for giving birth or wolfing down a burrito in 10 seconds or riding a bull for 8 seconds or passing wind in under a second noiselessly..
Conga mate!!! I didn't hear it but I sure smell it.
by iceman1415 November 26, 2010
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Recently known online to be a line of people signed up to get referrals for free stuff. is an example of a site where you can find a Conga.
by Tim Milgram September 17, 2004
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See pussy, cooter, crotch, cunt, pink taco, camel toe.

Is my conga showing?
by buff & t-bone August 27, 2008
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Boi, you smell like some Congas.

That's why your mom likes sucking on these Congas
by Harry The Hypebeast March 3, 2019
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A term used in reference to a joke revolving around two travelers that enter a forbidden realm in Africa. The price for entering the forbidden realm is CONGA, an alternative to death by the african natives.

The first traveler, not knowing what CONGA is, finds himself choosing CONGA instead of death. A group of men then promptly put him on a table and rape his body in every orifice (see "HOLE"). Hard.

The second traveler, seeing this atrocity, decides he would rather die than be submitted to CONGA.

"VERY WELL," Says the African Warlord. "YOU HAVE CHOSEN DEATH... By CONGA!!!"

And so is the joke. CONGA is a word often repeated by those entranced by it's powerful meaning.

"What the hell you are you talking about, asshat? Cut that shit out."

by Mark Crutchley July 29, 2005
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A dance in which people line up one behind the other, holding on to each other's shoulders or waists, and snake around the dance floor. Frequently performed at middle school dances, bar and bat mitzvahs, and at weddings.
DJ: "Let's all form a conga line behind the bride!"
by n0r1 November 27, 2007
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