n. State of mind, often induced by alcohol, in which one is unaware of the need for coital prophylaxis.

Yo Stephanie! Nice baby bump girl. Looks like your condumb comes six to a case not three to a box.

Say what? I ain't no good at math.

Yeah. Or biology.
by gnostic1 December 19, 2011
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1.) Description of a person that is either too stupid or too arrogant to wear a condom when performing sex or when about to perform the same. 2.) A really stupid convict or an ex-con, denoted for being extremely idiotic or devoid of common sense.
Sex: "If you think that I am gonna let you stick that thing in without protection, then you are a real 'condumb'! Better get reacquainted with your hand!!"

Gangs: "Boo Boo Bear got popped by the cops for something really stupid. He's a real 'condumb'!"

Prison: "Harry the Hun got parole, but he got into trouble again on the outside, so he's back. Whadda a 'condumb'!"
by Mike in Aurora, Colorado February 24, 2008
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