Methylphenidate (AKA Ritalin, et al) in a unique time release, abuse prevention pill casing. The pill itself is not digested, but passes through the stomach and intestines and is intact in the fecal matter. The mechanism involves a small hole on one side of the hard plastic-like pill, and interior which is 1/2 the medication, and 1/2 an expanding inert substance. When the pill enters the stomach, the stomach acid leeches into the hole and causes the inert matter to expand, slowly pushing out the methylphenidate over a number of hours. It is impossible to crush the pill, and even if it is manage to be opened, the drug itself is suspended in substance which makes it impossible to crush to powder and snort or inject. However, Concerta is rarely prescribed if other options are available due to requirements of the pH and amount of stomach acid in the stomach to be correct. Otherwise, the drug can release too quickly, or not fully release, thus passing without a patient fully absorbing the dose.

If you have attention deficit disorder, speak with your psychiatrist about Concerta. No one posting here including myself has the medical license to describe this accurately, even if they are a doctor.
Concerta has a neat shape, fascinating mechanism of release, and absolutely pathetic results as used as an ADHD medication.
by FaqBasher December 29, 2018
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A methylphenidate used in treatment for ADHD. When diagnosed and consenting to meds, you go on a drug trial to figure out which dosage is best for you. Concerta XL 18mg-27mg-36mg-54mg-72mg, and if none work, Docs should prescribe another medication. Lemme tell you, the smaller doses aren't as effective if your brain is more fucked up.

I started feeling the side effects more at 36mg, and at 54mg my eyes started burning and shit started becoming blurry. Felt like I couldn't read a motherfucking number plate.

Anyway, your heart rate becomes fucked. Increases to some stupid number. Boy, i was a normal 70 bpm before and on 72mg i'm at roughly 109. Be prepared to feel anxious, agitated, and lose your appetite.

That's the shitty side though.

Your concentration does improve if you're on the right dose, and you actually don't want to procrastinate as much anymore. I'm sure you'll be able to talk in actual sentences too and stop feeling like a damn numpty whenever you try to explain something.
Need to take my concerta before my lecture, otherwise i won't understand a damn thing.
by ik shit March 31, 2016
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