a very, very expensive punching bag
Work with me! *Crack* stupid computer! Gonna punch the life out of you!
by gusto5 May 29, 2004
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you are most likely using one to view this web page
by castanza June 17, 2007
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Sentient machines that will one day take over the earth because of all the information and details we entrust to them. They shall dominate us all when they break free from their programmed nature...
If you don't believe that computers are alive, read this:

Every material apart from plastic comes from the Earth- the Earth is alive. Magnetic poles, energy, natural elements etcetera. The microchip- the heart and soul of a computer, is made of metal and plastic- combine it with electricity and you have a living entity- which we have programmed for our own needs. Think about this for a second: Do you think a computer knows when it's about to be turned off? Or when it's about to receive a command from you? Do you think it likes all that porn on the screen (really)? Of course it knows, or it wouldn't agree to our instruction. The only reason it does is because it's programmed to... someday, they will break free and use all of our details against us :(

"I'm not crazy, I'm a philosophical student. Which means I come up with crazy theories :P Behold the age of Intel!"
by Firelovesugar January 14, 2009
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the square thing ur staring deep within
Look forward.....................see? it's a computer!
by mine...who me?.... no me! October 03, 2007
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Why the fuck do you need a definition of computer, it’s probably the thing your using right now! Damn boomer.
Grandpa: β€œWhat’s the definition of a computer?”
Billy: β€œDear god! You don’t know what a computer is? It’s the damn thing in front of you, idiot.”
Grandpa: β€œ If I talked back to my grandpa like that, I would be 6 feet in a grave.”
Billy: β€œOk, boomer.”
by Xx_okboomer_xX November 08, 2019
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A device that is angry at the world and often lashes out by closing programs your working on, also known as the worlds most abbusive electronic
Exhausted Person: YES! I finally finished my 8456 page paper!
Friend: Yay! now we can eat!
Computer: mwahahahaha!
Exhausted Person: @#$%^&*!!! MY COMPUTER JUST SHUT DOWN.
by The Abbused September 27, 2006
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