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Thank god for my compression shorts last night. It held my boner down so it wasn't poking Kirsten in the leg.
by Tallahassee31 September 23, 2012
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Athletic underwear that look like shiny boxer-briefs and are supposed to function the same as a jockstrap (support/protect the testes) but don't. Fit awkwardly and strenuous activity causes your junk to move around which leads to lots of awkward adjusting. Have become very popular with young men around the country who wouldn't be caught dead wearing a jockstrap in the locker room, even if it men't wearing something as uncomfortable and ineffective as Compression Shorts.
Teammate: Yo, no one wears jocks anymore bro. You need to hit up some compression shorts. Shit be stylin. Yolo.
by maximim July 26, 2012
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Men's underwear that is usually longer than most and has a very skin tight fit. Mostly popular in sports, but also for guys who don't want their balls to flop around all day. Most say they are more comfortable than boxers since they don't ride up your leg and keep your dick in place. Most teenage boys feel the need to walk around with them in the locker room to show off their bulge .
Person 1: What kind of underwear is that?
Person 2: They're compression shorts, get some.
Person 1: Why are they better than boxers?
Person 2: They keep your balls in place and don't ride up your leg
by Nonometo March 10, 2019
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