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Many teenage girls nowadays take part in this type of picture by photographing their intensely tanned stomachs and posting them on twitter/Instagram/etc in order to receive numerous compliments that are usually fake. I really have no idea why they do this like what the actual fuck I don't wanna see your fucking infected belly ring
Yeah i wanna get a good tanning pic this summer bc I started doing the 30 day challenge and I think I can start to see my hip bones
by MercAntile July 8, 2014
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the worst goddang class you will ever take where syntax is freaking everywhere and yet you still dont understand what it means. it tortures the mind and ruptures your soul by its never ending annotations on pointless readings that no one ever actually cares about.
Hey whatd you do in ap language and composition today?

We learned about the what alliteration, hyperbole, simile, metaphor, syntax, syllogism, and enthymeme were and how they effectively pertain to real life situations.
by MercAntile November 8, 2013
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