com·pan·ion·ship (km-pnyn-shp)

Women: Another term for a f**k buddy
Example: I'm only with him for companionship. he is not my boyfriend.

Also see "friends with benefits"
by eMnMe April 7, 2011
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when u meet a friend who isent a fcukin bitch and backstaber. Thats a one and a million shot.
by Alo October 21, 2003
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When old ladies need some dick but still gotta act like they wanna chat and get dinner first. Usually found in newspaper ads cuz old ppl don't know about tinder or Christian mingle yet.
Attractive, healthy, energetic, 60 years old female looking for "male companionship"
by krohnson December 1, 2017
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When your boyfriend doesnt want to have sex with you but wants to keep everything else the same
Since I masturbate, I don't need to have sex with my girlfriend. Were now in a non sexual companionship
by ImAllGoodInTheHood September 3, 2018
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Refers to one or more periods of "quality time" that you spend with someone as "substitute payment" when you are unable to reimburse him monetarily for loans/services that he gives you.
One should always try to pay back his debts as promised, of course, but id this is not possible, companionship-currency can indeed be a wonderful "alternative reimbursement". Just be careful that you don't "abuse the privilege" --- i.e., "continuously" presume that merely spending time with someone is always adequate recompense for any favor that you ask of the person.
by QuacksO February 21, 2019
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