The world's largest and most kickass annual 4-day nerd fest in sunny San Diego, California featuring comic books, games, arts, movies, and various pop culture. This is where you'll find the coolest and the hottest actors/actresses as well as the biggest dorks and geeks in the world under one roof. You will occasionally see some hotties in slutty costumes as well.
"Gosh darn, did you check out that fine babe dressed as Leia from Star Wars? Comic-con rocks! I'm coming back again next year!"
by snowbawb July 19, 2005
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a place where comic book fans have fun dress up get some pretty kewl freebies for like 4 days and if you mock comic-con your an idiot who's probably never even been to comic-con
i went to comic-con 2006 dress up as sakura from naruto and got a bunch of free shit and people took my picture
by buttongirl August 14, 2006
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An awesome 4-day nerd fest where you get to hug asian hobags dressed up as emma frost and scarlet witch and any other slutty superheroine you can think of.
Josh: Duuuude! I haven't heard from you in like, 4 days.
Charlotte: Yeah. I was at the Comic-Con hugging hot girls and weird tentacle monsters.
by scratchmaster101 October 11, 2010
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A place filled with nerds, cosplayers, weirdos and fat ugly people.
I feel so ugly, i'm gonna go to Comic-Con to recover my self esteem. Next to those people i'm gangsta!
by spiderkarnage July 23, 2011
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