"Ay fool, you wanna come up on that watch we saw at the jewelery store"

"Dawg, we gotta come up on some shit at this house party tonight"
by dubbedoutgeo July 3, 2006
Man, I got some cool come-ups when I was out at the show tonight.
by TheKidB July 26, 2013
Slang for a plan to steal as much money as possible from somebody to avoid being on the street straight out of prison.
I’ll be coming up good and fast as soon as I get out, it’s sheer genius and it’s all mapped out to perfection.
by Dr Bunnygirl February 25, 2019
The Come up is the period of time when the drugs that one has taken (usually psychedelics such as LSD) are beginning to take noticeable effect. Normally referred to as the first stage in a trip before peaking.
He began his come up after 30 minutes of taking 2 tabs of acid.
by doowre April 14, 2017
To come up with something, to get an idea
Example 1:
Pete: What shall we do..?
Sam: Dunno.. Ask Jake, he always comes up with good ideas

Example 2:
Your conscience: No don't spend time with him, you only come up with crazy ideas when you're around him
by Yiskah May 14, 2008
to jack someone; to kill and rob someone
creepin' on a come-up
by snoop March 6, 2003