ebonics for AWESOME, or anything that has to do with a positive action or thought
yesterday was a come up , i won a million dollars.
by BMDBDB May 13, 2008
Bob: Did you come up last night?
Jimmy: Nah da hoes was trippin.
by Leonis Patronis April 9, 2007
A phrase used to express glee when an fortunate event occurs that allows the individual to get something or "come up" on something for nothing. In lamest terms, getting something for nothing.
I saw that basketball player leave his locker open. I'm gonna get some new shoes on the come up.

We're gonna see Batman cheap during the matinee and watch three other movies that day on the come up.
by Savage3 July 11, 2008
to get some, a slang way of saying "having sex"
Jim: Did you come up last night?

Aaron: You know it man.
by Stefano32 April 9, 2007
noun: A celebration one does after purchasing garbage. Such as a used mattress off craigslist, which is likely covered with fecal matter stains, urine, dead skin, hair, sweat, and skeet.
Hey guys looks at this mattress i just bought dirt cheap. It only has 3 yellow stains, 2 brown stains and lights up like a Christmas tree under a black light. But i saved $24.15. I feel a come up shuffle coming on.
by captain duckman March 4, 2010
1. When things go in your favor, albeit in a nerdy way.
A reference to a Simpsons episode in which Milhouse first complains about wearing his "dorky highwater shorts" but feels better when the floodwater "soaks his ankles" but leaves his cuffs "bone dry," at which point he exclaims "Alright, everythings coming up Milhouse."

Example: I was picked as the "Best Edward from Twilight Look-alike" at the Springfield Bi-Mon Sci-Fi Con. Looks like everything is coming up Milhouse.
by walkingblind September 10, 2009
A verb meaning failure to meet expectations. When said the short part is often a higher tone then the rest of the phrase.
* some dweeb gets a question wrong after raising his hand

Me: coming up SHORT
by margery stewart baxter April 26, 2012