Come True
Tyreese: David what's wrong you lookin bare down

David: nothing man
Tyreese: your chatting shit come true
by xrBoomshot July 20, 2020

Something that has long been hoped for and has finally happened.
I just did your mom last night... now that was a dream come true!

My dream just came true--I got admitted to the University of Central Florida!
by redslash April 19, 2008
Any town which has 10% or less of its population younger than 55, has no public transportation, and any place to buy goods at a reasonable price is just outside of a 3 hour walk one way. So called because you need a car to get anywhere fun, and cars burn gasoline, which means more $$$ for the oil companies. If you are lucky, you might be able to take a ride to Wal*Mart on unicorn or dragon for a small fare (I'm being sarcastic on that last sentence.)

The main advantage is low crime, if a bank gets robbed, a walker or cane would of been used as a deadly weapon.
Grandma:"Mabye we could move to Tiverton!"
Youngun:"Tiverton! That's OPEC's dream come true!"
by Braveheart's thirst for blood January 20, 2007
When your complaining leads to the consequence you were complaining about.
Her boyfriend finally dumped her because she kept hassling him about how he wouldn't get more serious. I told her "you keep making your bitches come true."
by DJRobZiem February 16, 2017