A kick ass song by Nirvana, the third track off of nevermind and a personal favorite of mine.

Its definately worth a listen so download it or buy the album.
Person 1- Man what is this song? it kicks ass!
Person 2- Come As You Are by Nirvana.
Person 2- Damn! I gotta listen to this again!
by H-Bizzle December 7, 2006
Used to invite someone for a hug
"I missed you, Sam!"
"Aww, Sammy, I missed you too."
"Come here, you."
by Matt Graham May 8, 2006
The coming at you test is the test one can perform to see if an online friend is worth meeting and/or fucking. Works best on a laptop.
The steps to the coming at you test are simple. One, bring their picture up on your laptop. Two, take the laptop screen further away from eyes, then swoop in fast, then back and forth, back and forth. If unsure, try slow and fast rhythms. If you're repulsed, then you now know you don't want to fuck them. Tell them you just want to be friends. But, if you're pleased by the test, call them up! They passed the comin' at you test. Try it. It's very effective and a complete decision helper.
by CaptainOz July 26, 2010
talk to you
argue with you
show you
give you
debate with you
Man I am coming for you.
by I hope it helps December 22, 2016
Sit back and be patient and observe what happens, as opposed to jumping to conclusions that may turn out to be incorrect.
Don’t take sides on the issue until you’ve heard all the evidence, just “let the game come to you.”
by Upriser7 October 11, 2020
To challenge -- synonyms: "You wanna fight?", "You wanna step?", etc

Sarasota County redneck slang. Commonly used with "son," "you don't want none" and "story time"
"Oh, whatever, I can beat your ass any day."

"Yeah, son? Come get you some."
by f_ckingpassive September 11, 2003
Famous phrase mainly use in the UK, AUS and New Zeland

A smart-arse way to say someone is hypocrite

It is used to counter-strike someone's criticism, when you think they're just as bad
A: 'I think you should attend class more often'
B: Wow it's 'a bit rich coming from you' don't you think?
by alomolo December 14, 2011