I try to be everything that I can
But sometimes I come out as bein' nothin'
I try to be everything that I can
But sometimes I come out as bein' nothin'
I pray to God that he make me a better man, uh
Maybe one day I'ma stand for somethin'
I'm thankin' God that he made you part of the plan
I guess I ain't go through all that Hell for nothin'
I'm always fuckin' up and wreckin' shit, it seems like I perfected it
I offer you my love, I hope you take it like some medicine
You tell me, ain't nobody better than me, I think that there's better than me
Hope you see the better in me, always end up betterin' me
I don't wanna ruin this one
This type of love don't always come & go
by hey fishy bwoda October 22, 2020

1. A complete failure of making a comeback

2. When one walks into a store and immediately turns around
because of one of three reasons including:

A: Because the store has something you hate

B: Because the store is not what you thought it was

C: A term for in-store window shopping
E.g. The man walked into the store and immediately did a come-go because of a Justin Beiber poster

E.g. The man went into a store called Ranchers thinking that it was a cowboy store and did a come-go because it was actually a Stripper joint

E.g. The two girls had lost their purses and went inside the store after window shopping to get a better look at something or to get to something not seen through the window
by The Definer 'O Definitions January 12, 2011
When a man is doing a lady from behind, as he is about to cum, timing with his thrusts has to be critical, but as he thrusts the final few times, every time he makes a thrust he says "Im - never - gonna - talk - to - you - agaaaaaaaaaaain!" Then the man just gets up, leaves his clothes where they are, and walks home in the nude.
"Did you see John walking down the stree naked the other day? What was with that???"

"Yea, he was with Jessica, and he gave her the ol' 'Come and Go'"
by DaReFr September 28, 2007
When someone is so fat, if you could only see their midsection, you'd wonder if they were facing you or facing away.
A - Damn, look at that fat bitch!
B - Coming or going.

Rosie O'Donnell has a genuine case of "Coming or Going"
by Llamallord May 28, 2010
A proverb meaning if something good happens easily it easily can be taken away or destroyed
by ac February 14, 2004
when you show up to fuck, but you see a used condom in the trash
"yo me and jules were gonna fuck but it was easy come, easy go when i found a fucking used condom in the trash and her ex avi's shirt in the bathroom"
by squatfucker420 January 30, 2017
The phrase "better coming than going", describes a girl or guy who looks really hot while walking towards you, however looks particularly average from behind, while he/she is walking away.
Mike: "Damn... check out this girl coming down the footpath - the blonde".
Dave: "Hell yes - she is stunning..."
** Girl Walks Past **
Dave: "...however better coming than going - that ass is terrible."
by buckonz February 29, 2012