Adjective meaning really, really shitty.
I'm trying to get my internet and cable to work and Comcast just put me on hold for the fourth time. It's comcastic.
by Leah hates you all February 13, 2006
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An adjective attempting to express the seemingly beautiful nature of an object or service, ultimately representing the epitome of broken dreams and false promises.
We had a six pack and freshly microwaved nachos, everything was ready to go. The Sopranos' finale was about to come on, when the cable went all comcastic again.
by g.sus May 29, 2006
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How I feel as a technician who serves Comcast customers after reading alternate definitions of "comcastic".
Hey, you know what makes me feel like a total prick? the fact the word comcastic is in any way associated with me. Isn't that just fucking comcastic?
by plzdonmakemeh8myself_anymore September 2, 2012
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The borderline between crappy and shitty. If you know what I mean...
What a comcastic thing to do!
You are so comcastic!
Who would have such comcastic ideas?!
by computercrazy77 December 19, 2017
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An overt sexual display, usually in front of a large audience or children ( like the porn clip during Super Bowl 42 in the Tucson area on the Comcast feed )
"How was the bonfire?"
"It was fun, but Tom and Sarah were there, so it was pretty comcastic"

"What did you think of the movie?"
"It was a little comcastic for the kids"
by MCH_AZ February 7, 2009
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It began with the creation of the great cable providers. Many were given to the people of the US, but they were all of them deceived. In the land of Mordor, in the fires of Mount Doom, the dark Lord Sauron forged in secret a master cable provider, to control all others and into, he poured his cruelty, his malice, and and the worst fucking customer service imaginable, its name was Comcast. One by one respectable cable providers fell to the power of the Comcast. But there were some who resisted. A last alliance of Disgruntled customers and AT&T employees marched against the tyranny of Comcast and in the parking lot of Comcast's headquarters they fought for the right to choose a respectable cable service.
Comcast must be destroyed before its evil consumes the world.
by Satan's Almighty Penis July 27, 2014
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A supposed digital service provider employing a business plan from the stone age set up to do nothing other than rape it's customers. Instead of allowing consumers to choose their own content packages, they force 90% extra bullshit fluff added to the 10% of services you actually want for ridiculously outlandish prices.

Running with a completely streamlined skeletoned system of equipment and hardware that's not kept up to date with modern firmware or standards whatsoever, nothing is ever working the way it's intended and if anything goes wrong expect to be ignored until it starts working again, which can take hours if not days at a time.

Line signal strength is a joke and overtaxed during peak hours so if you're neighbor is looking up porn while you wish to game online expect frequent lag and disconnections. Switching stations have no stand by systems or backups in place so if anything on the Comcast service network goes down you have no services, such as Television, Internet and Phone.
1. I just got booted from Xbox Live! Again! Fucking asshat next door must be jerking off!

2. Comcast is down, better call it in to complain... oh wait, Comcast also provides the phone, and since the service is down the phone isn't working.

3. Customer service has had me on hold for hours! They must not have any staff to handle anything because they expect no one to call when the service is down because it disables the customer's phone! Guess they don't realize we still have cellphones! Oh I just got through... nope they don't speak English and promptly hung up on me!

4. I've just pinged the local switching station's IP and I'm getting not half the rate for which I'm paying for their supposed "high-speed" internet... customer service tells me that I'm paying for "up-to" a certain speed. I'm thinking about only paying "up-to" a certain amount of my fucking bill! Fuck Comcast, I'm cancelling this shit!
by WCrispy July 24, 2009
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