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An excellent FPS game that could've been better if it weren't for all the hackers and noobs screaming "CHAMS AND HACKS!!!" everytime they die.

Also, most of the elite moderators of rooms cannot stand being killed, so avoid them if you ever play a match with them, or else you'll be kicked.
-Gets an unbelieveable-

Elite (noob) Moderator: WOW...hacker.

Player 1: Just because I killed you? D:

Player 2: Kick him he chams!

-Player 1 is kicked-

Typical day of Combat Arms.
by Adenn February 27, 2009
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A game that involves every player to rage and cast false accusations of players being script kiddies every time they are killed, even if in the most simplest of ways. To prevent the actual event of a real "hacker" joining a game, 40+ year old men that play typically purchase super elite/elite moderator room powers to kick anyone who as so much as gets a multi-kill or successfully 1v4 clutches during a Elimination Pro/S&D match.
Combat Arms Player 1: *Camps on Grave digger stairs for 8/11 rounds*
Combat Arms Player 2: *Quickly SMGs Player 1 from below*
_Wheaties_: "Wow, he's definitely using chams."
by Tactical CA Player September 24, 2010
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A great FPS that is flooded with hackers.

Person 1: Do you hack in Combat Arms?
Person 2: Well, the question is, do you hack?
by AndrewM92 September 20, 2008
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An awesome online fps action game, which for some reason if you kill someone around a corner they yell out "Fucking Chammer" and "Hacker, get a life" It is also full of hackers and should try to update their anti-cheat system.
A typical match inside Combat Arms.

Nooblet: Wow, how'd you know I was there? Hacker.

You: Dude I saw you go there, calm your balls man.

Nooblet: Okay sure chammer, teamview?

You: Why? So you can prove your a nub for accussing me of hacking?

Nooblet: Duh. But now your nooby teammates are kicking you so I'll just F5 and go with that.

(Kicked for Hacking)

In the lobby game room after being kicked

You: Sup man, you get kicked too?

Guy 1: Yep, these guys are noobs...

Guy 2: I know they are such faggots.

You: Tell me about it...
by supmybitches January 11, 2010
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Combat Arms: Really great free FPS, or really bad hacker community? Let's delve today.

Some of the strong points of Combat Arms (C.A.) is how there's just so MUCH of it, and it constantly gets ALOT more stuff added to it everyday. There's literally hundreds of guns, dozens of modifications and around 80 ranks to achieve *The highest rank so far achieved is by greatfullded, who is about rank 50). The player base used to be really fun, with multiple game modes and plenty of maps.

For all of you TL;DR, Here's the games modes and maps:

Game Modes: Elimination, Elimination Pro, Quarantine Mode, Fireteam, One Man Army, Capture the Flag, Spy Hunt, Last Man Standing, Search & Destroy, Snowball Fight and Bombing run. 11 in total.

Maps: Kill Creek, Overdose, Death Room, Junk Flea, Short Fuse, Two Towers, Grave Digger, Cabin Fever, Snow Valley, Waverider, Showdown, Gray Hammer, Brushwood, Sand Hog, Warhead, Desert Thunder, Power Surge, Roadkill, Pump Jack, Cold Seed, Rattlesnake. 21 in total.

New maps and gaming modes are still being created, so if you're into this kind of thing, try Combat Arms. It's really great, with new maps, weapons, items, accessories, gear and bonuses unlocking when you reach higher ranks.
Combat Arms Typical Day
Player: Woot! Unbelievable++ and four headshots, I'm on a roll!

Noobs: OMG! chams! hacker! cheater! he speedhacks! flies! ghosting! omgomg kick him!

Elite Mod: *Gets headshotted* "HACKER!"

Player: Wait, what! No, hold on -

Player Kicked
by Combat Wombat13124 June 29, 2010
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An AWFUL, free FPS (First Person Shooter) developed and hosted by Nexon (probably the worst game developers/coders ever). The internal game structure and foundation is built off 30 year old NX whores who consistantly spend hundreds of dollars just to buy overpowered guns that don't even outbalance the GP versions. However, children and adolescents have also flooded the game with extreme immuturity, huge ego's, and heavy hackusations, one may find the game impossible to withstand.

The game also features a WOGL (World Online Gaming League) community filled with ignorant asswipes who play this shitty game all day. However, some outstanding individual, such as HeapOfAsh, try to bring maturity, anti-eTrolling, and extreme amounts of dedication into bringing the WOGL community into a new generation of mature players. Just kidding, why the FUCK would I even bother. This game is shit.

As you first login into the game, you're approached with heavy advertisments and banners all attempting the player to purchase Nexon Cash (NX). Of course, being a WAGL nerd, you jump straight to Bravo 7, where you enter a world of cheating/hacksuating/immature players/trolling/bromances/ and bust videos.

Overall review: -5/5
Reasons: Shitty game, shitty players, shitty graphics, shitty community, extreme lag, and if you're from: Australia, Brazil, or Canada, one WILL be approached with heavy racism and hate.
Example 1

Nerdgin 1: Ohmygod dude. Let's go play some Combat Arms so I can de_stroy kids in pubs on Bravo 7


Example 2

HeapOfAsh: Shit man. This game sucks. Why the fuck am I still playing this game Combad Arm

nPulse: Let's go play some LoL

HeapOfAsh: Good idea. Fuck this game.
by HeapOfAsh June 17, 2011
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