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Comanchero: country funk punk. Sexy hick music. Badland brain tablet Gospel. Horse fuel. Desert storm rock. Rockabilly honky tonk. Jungle boogie on the farm. Rider's songs. Tequila tunes. Mountain man jam band.

Comanchero - formerly known as 'El Gringo'

The lights go down in the club as familiar legendary Western theme music fills the air. The crowd swells in anticipation as Comanchero steps onto the stage. What follows next is definable only in terms invented by the band themselves: country funk punk; sexy hick music; badland brain tablet gospel; jungle boogie on the farm. And so we are introduced to Comanchero's utterly unique sound, with influences as idiosyncratic as it's choice of name. From Merle Haggard and Frank Zappa, to Little Feat and Widespread Panic, elements of country, funk, hip-hop, rock, and roots can be heard in the Comanchero sound, which has been likened to a Southern-rock Cake or 311.

Hailing from Boston, Comanchero is a band on the move in support of Dead Gringo, which features fifteen diverse, yet cohesive tracks that put a stomp in the boots and the boots on the dance floor. Debuting at #21 on the radio chart, the album successfully captures the live, rootsy sound developed by 4 east coast musicians in search of an original sound.

Veterans of the Boston music scene, from their years with jam band Free Lunch, brothers Bob and Greg Moon heard something fresh and visceral in the sounds and songs created by Sam Margolis and Andrew Kramer in their newly-formed band. Joining forces proved to be energizing and inspiring for all 4 musicians. Margolis and Greg Moon, pooled their songwriting talents to create the unique combination of words and sound that has become Comanchero's signature. Bob Moon and Kramer held down the corners of the sound with the strength and innovation they brought to lead guitar and bass respectively. Greg Moon stole a page out of Levon Helm's book playing drums and sharing lead vocal duties with Margolis who crafts his acoustic sound with flattop guitars custom-made in his hometown of Cornwall, Vermont.

The stage energy, combined with carefully crafted songs and precise execution distinguish Comanchero as one of the rising jam-influenced bands on the East Coast. The band's sound is edgy, tangible, eclectic, and totally danceable. As Jane Lindholm, Director and Associate Producer at National Public Radio observed: "Alt-Country Folk Rock melodies combine with great hooks and catchy lyrics to create a thoroughly enjoyable listening experience."
"Wow! That band 'Comanchero' shredded at the Middle East last night!"

"Did you hear that Comanchero's second album Americana Nueva just came out and features horse bells and banjitars?!"

"...she told me they were called 'Comanchero', original country-punkers of the North East, and the music was like taking whiskey aurally..."
by Comanche Moon October 19, 2007
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A 1%er Bikie gang based in the western suburbs of Sydney. Notoriously known for the Milperra Massacre on fathers day 1984. Nowdays have a large Lebanese,Italian and Greek membership.
At the end of the day,The Brah Boys knew they were no match at all against The Comancheros.
by Danny22 November 22, 2006
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