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word used to describe rocker-types who although may be in a band or dress like a punk, their favorite type of music is old american soul and jazz. they love instrumentals and jam sessions and usually have a great collection of old 45's (records).
"john is a punk"
"nah... i've been in his room, he's got posters of
miles davis and earth wind and fire everywhere"
"so he's a funk punk"
by 495 May 27, 2006
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funk: A lame style of music pre-teen britney wannabes listen to.
punk:a style of music and state of mind.

funkpunk:someone like Avril who trys to be a punk and just screws it up. A lame punk wannabe
She is such a funkpunk, look at her shirt! punks dont wear shirts with 'Queen Punk'on them!
by lemo March 30, 2006
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