The art of discovering something that isn't new
1492, Columbus was Columbusing the 'new world' one journal entry at a time
by Pms07 July 9, 2014
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When white people claim they have invented/discovered something that has been around for years, decades, even centuries.
Miley Cyrus is totally Columbusing with this twerking shit.
by Meownir July 1, 2014
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When someone thinks they have invented something that's been around for awhile or has already been discovered but tries to take first claim to inventing it.
hey man I just mixed sauce, meat, and noodles together and it's amazing. You should try it. I've never seen it before.

Bro your just columbusing.
by leatherneck43 October 15, 2014
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When you and a partner(s) have sexual intercourse and finish in every single room of a house, apartment, or other building.
Them: Have you heard of Columbusing? It's when you smash in every room of a house!
Blake: Oh yeah! Sophie and I Columbused in her house the other day! I don't think there is a single square foot of that building that we didn't bang on!
by memoist61 August 6, 2018
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Colubumsing (v.)- The act of taking over property which does not belong to you.
My friend's brother is away at boarding school, so she's sleeping in his room now without his permission. She's totally columbusing it, dude!
by Harunei January 27, 2013
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When a non-white racist posts a definition on Urban Dictionary and uses his ignorance of post-Moor-invasion Spain to act as though he's being clever by ripping white people for claiming old shit as their own.
Dave: "Hey, bro- check out this ignorant definition in the Urban Dictionary-- this dude thinks Columbus was white and he's pretending that only white people claim old shit like they invented it."
Jamal: "Hang on, I gotta finish this beat I made out of an old Lynyrd Skynyrd sample for this album I'm burning so Rihanna can put her name on it... Oh, damn! Yeah, even I have to admit he's Columbusing that shit."
by AverageWhiteMan October 14, 2014
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:Something took from you unwillingly, Then Claimed for the victors
by Pmontoya October 11, 2011
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