If two people write the same thing at the same time, the first one to notice can claim a coke off the other one.

However, disputes arise to whether said comments are effectively "identical".
Bob: Is anyone going out for lunch today?
Jane: Nope
Mary: Nah
Jane: Coke!
by Slave Khaki Shirt June 09, 2010
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Two defenitions

1: A brown and carbonated soda in which is good.
2: The white powder stuff in which is unhealthy and not good.
1: You wanna go to the store and get me some nice tasty coke.
2: You wanna go into the alley with me and chop up then snort some white coke.
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by Crackhead_Jenna November 23, 2019
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The short name for a beverage called Coca cola. The name originated from the main ingredient in the original drink, Cocaine. The cocaine was taken out of the drink recipe in 1929 and has never returned.
"Pass me some of that coke"
"I didn't want Pepsi, I wanted coke."
by frindjinny6 November 02, 2020
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This beverage is a government conspiracy to feed children cocaine but is so good that it works
As for Gorden ramsy would sat fucking delicious coke
by Pikachumpe January 01, 2021
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