A male, usually in his 60's, living in Suburban Philadelphia, that exhibits bad acne scarring on his face, usually disfiguring.
Fred: You still going out with that Coffee Cakes Guy?
Kellie: Nah, I kicked Coffee Cakes to curb months ago.

Dude has acne so bad, there's no recovering from his Coffee Cakes complexion. I feel bad for the fucker.
by KellieV123 October 4, 2007
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A sweet coffee-tasting cake that crumbles when you eat it. Referenced in the episode "The Suicide". George tells Jerry he can buy a Drake's Coffee Cake for fifty cents with his gambling money.
GEORGE: "You’re not getting no Drake's Coffee Cake for fifty cents."
by Shaunn L. July 2, 2008
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A discreet euphemism for sexual activities exclusively between English speaking Asian people.
Note: If activities are homosexual in any way then nuts must be mentioned, commonly walnuts.
C: I'm just going off for a bit of coffee cake.
T: Alright! Bring us back a piece.

C: Don't tell anyone, but I fancy a bit of coffee cake with walnuts.
T: There's no shame in having nuts in your butter-cream.
by Cheeseandmarmite2013 August 18, 2013
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When a girl squirts in ur face, and then u have ur neighbors cat lick it off in a circlier motion, until all of it is gone, and in order for this to work it has to be a full moon.
Gosh i cannot believe we just German Coffee cake, and were not even in germany
by Sick Matt December 6, 2009
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Cold left over pizza served the next morning.
Ok kids, do you want cereal for breakfast or Italian Coffee Cake?
by CoachMary October 3, 2016
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when a person of Indian descent gets shat upon there brow turban which can look most like coffee cake or the term varies with the color of the persons stool.
yo Brosephalonis last night I made a nice indian coffee cake upon a high quality turban.
by duce droppa November 16, 2007
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coffee and cake light

a really long Red Light, u can sit there and have coffee and cake at the stop light before it turns green for you to go on your merry way...

coffee and cake light
Person 1: The light at this intersection is mad long...
Person 2: Yeah we can have coffee and cake before it turns green...
Person 3: Run the damn light, it's broke...
by blthrskt April 24, 2009
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