CoffTea represents one of the many errors in the seemingly simple task of preparing instant coffee. It takes the form of luke warm, grey-brown liquid, and on tasting, could be either tea or coffee. It's impossible to tell. Even complex chemical analysis performed by very clever people wearing lab coats would throw up a blank on cofftea.
My grandmother made me a delicious cup of cofftea.
by Bluetongue April 16, 2010
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A mystical magical subtance made by mixing the exact right amount of coffee and tea. Perfect for the act of Teabagging during a destructive game truth or dare if left on the stove for hours at a time before hand.

WARNING: To those about to teabag, We salute you. CoffTea may cause ever lasting burns on nutsack, face and any other body parts it comes in contact with
*I gave her CoffTea the morning gave some much needed soothing to her throught*
by XPrestonX October 20, 2007
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A disgusting hot beverage usually created by the carelessness of work colleagues in the staff canteen, but occasionally on purpose if it's the boss's drink. Often the drink goes almost unnoticed, merely making the unfortunate victim think: "Hmm... This tea tastes a little odd...", but historic documents have recorded rare occations of projectile spitting of scalding liquid into workers faces upon discovery of the drink .
The Cofftea drink occurs when your colleague has been asked to make a tray of hot drinks for the office that consists of both coffee and tea requests.

After spooning coffee granules into the designated cups and stirring in hot water the coffee granules unseen on the back of the spoon are then transferred into the cups that have tea brewing in them when the tea bags are to be removed.

It should be noted that only tea consumers will be able to define this rancid drink. Coffee drinkers shall be unaffected.
by Rabid Raccoon May 18, 2009
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