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Phrase used in hospitals, alerting staff that a baby has been stolen from the ward, and to look for anyone possibly smuggling a baby.
When I saw that man in the trench coat leave the maternity ward, and a baby was missing, it was a Code Pink.
by nurse_girl October 27, 2006
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code pink is the term at walmart paged over the PA system to alert other employees that there is a sexy girl walking past
attention walmart shoppers we have a code pink in the sporting goods department
by souleatere86 February 17, 2009
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A bunch of whining women that don't realize that war is a necessary evil in this world. These are probably the same kinda women that complained about how intense training of our military was. As my combat instructor in Marine basic training said, the more you bleed and sweat in training the less you bleed and die in battle. Let the military do what the military does. The United States has a formidable military for a reason. Without war there can be no peace, without laws there can be no freedom. Without sacrificing the few the whole will be sacrificed.
What is that lady's problem?

She's a code pink
by pfuzzy13 February 04, 2015
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CODE PINK is the highest level of homosexual alert. The alarm is triggered when you witness the most obscene display of homosexualness observable to the naked eye. The flamingness of a homosexual indicated by CODE PINK can not even be fully described by a KKK member from Alabama posting on this site.

A CODE PINK indicates that Armageddon is near and I would not wish for a CODE PINK on my worst enemy.
Hopefully, the worst encounter you will have with a homosexual will be a CODE PURPLE and nothing more.
by sux0r October 02, 2003
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Socom 2 phrase: Mostly heard in an LS open room or any open room where there are more LS members on one team then ordinary players, Code Pink is more understood as "your getting voted you prick", The LS clan then scream down the comms code pink and then one by one you recieve votes until you eventually get kicked from the game, A favourite person to code pink would be Jameslumb.
noob (jameslumb) enters room
Chaddy: We have a code pink situation
Jameslumb disappears from the game
by i <3 baggers and gold/ September 26, 2005
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