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Similar to the aftershock of an earthquake, cockshock is the aftershock one experiences from either giving or receiving the cock. Cockshock most often occurs the day proceeding intercourse and acts as a chilling flashback of events experienced during the intercourse.
The cockshock Mary experienced was almost too much to bear, if only she had consumed more alcoholic beverages to erase the memories completely.
by Stella Cason December 29, 2016
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A woman's brief loss of conciousness from having an unusually large penis enter her anus far more quickly and deeply than expected.
It was a difficult start but she loosened up considerably once cock-shock set in.
by Anthem March 18, 2003
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verb. The act of shocking someone unexpectedly with an image of a penis, typically one that is very large or a graphic scene depicting multiple cocks.

Types of cock shocks include: a. sending a link to an image of a cock with the recipient expecting a benign link, b. changing someone's wallpaper on their computer or phone screen to an image of a cock without them knowing it, or c. having an image of a cock on your computer screen as someone joins your screen for sharing.
John: Can you send me that link with the directions?
Bill: Sure. Here is the link.
John: Oh my god, that is disgusting!
Bill: Cock shock!!!

During the wedding, Tommy secretly changed the wallpaper of three people's phones to images of giant cocks, thus carrying out a cock shock trifecta.
by JW75 March 29, 2013
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When you build up static electricity and use your penis to shock another person, preferably a sleeping female or bro.
I can't believe you just cock shocked me, bro. Doesn't that hurt your cock?
by Bromski March 05, 2008
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A sexually act where a male hooks his penis up to a car battery. Once the clamps are on securely, an associate will then start up the car and rev the engine sending several thousand volts of electricity down the partner's scrotum. Usually done in a drunken act or out of pure boredom.
Tom: Hey Fred guess what happened to me last night?!
Fred: Did you get laid finally?
Tom: NO! I got cock shocked! Now I have erectile dysfunction!
by TESTICLETWISTER December 07, 2011
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when a female breaks up with you but is unable to have sex with anyone else after you
that bitch has cock shock, she hasn't fucked since we broke up.
by cockshoker June 21, 2004
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