A derogatory word to describe someone who has a small penis or a 'small cock'.
"That Bob is such a cockrel"
"Piss off, ya cockrel!"
by Buddy J June 14, 2003
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Idiot incarnate...
To be an idiot
You're a Cockrell!!!!!!!

You just pulled the most Cockrell thing evar!!!
by BLAHHH!!!! April 6, 2009
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Someone who farts 1st thing in the morning (usually at dawn), loudly enough to wake the rest of the household. (As compared to the country cockrel which is a male chicken that crows at dawn).
Ive been woken by the urban cockrel. (I've been woken by someone emitting a large fart).
by Andy B. August 8, 2003
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Sweet, Charming, Good listener, good looks, has away with words, sticks by your side, is a good friend, is a redneck, white caucasion, loveable, adorable, amazing, awsome, crazy, weird. If you have a Justin Cockrell in your life keep him always and never let go of him. dont take him for granted. hes a great person. He gives alot. hes a thoughtful person. Any girl would be lucky to have him hes one of a kind guy and hes the type of guy you wont find often.
tall, brown headed, Justin Cockrell
by secret best friend December 13, 2012
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Either Master of Cockrel's or a Cockrel who is a master. Also the holder of the 9 piece.
Cockrel Master, doesn't know what to do with his time, only lives til half past nine, never knows, where to go, only knows that his mothers a ho!
by BadgerDickLicker May 11, 2009
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